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Spring Cleanse Test – Day 7 plus 4 days transition

Cranberry Flush

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The last day of the detox went by quickly, especially that I was very busy. After the core 7 days of cleanse, there is a 4 days of transition period, when we re-introduce e.g. eggs, or quinoa. Each day something […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 6.

Kale smoothie

The day stared early with lemon elixir and a smoothie. Had an early lunch before my midday yoga session at Change Initiative, the only non dairy, no grain, no egg, no sugar dish was foul maddammas on their menu, which is a chickpea and bean ragout. I was quite full with it until the early […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 5.

Fortnum and Mason Dubai

Oh, that super seeds muesli was so yummy this morning! I took it in a jar with me for the road and only finished it after we completed the session with my morning client. The spinach salad with berry vinaigrette was waiting for me in the car for lunch. The challenge came with a tasting […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 4.

Protein Balls

I slept almost 8 hours,thanks to my daughter! Sleep is very important especially when you detox. I did have to visit the toilet again during the night though. Prepared protein balls for snack, our morning smoothie and detox wraps for lunch before I left to see a client. It’s very easy to eat healthy on […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 3

Sunflower Seed Dip

It’s weekend and spent some time in the morning preparing food for the week ahead too. We had kale smoothie for breakfast, and cucumbers with sunflower seed dip for morning snack. For the first time finally my daughter enjoyed eating cucumber with my very tasty dip. Hurray! Now I know how to make her eat […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 2

Chia Pudding

I woke up fresh after a good night’s sleep. I did some dry brushing before my shower to improve circulation and my skin felt much smoother afterwards as well.  And had some time to prepare food for the day. The chia pudding was yum in the morning and kept me quite full. Had a mixed salad […]

Spring Cleanse Test – Day 1

Spring Salad with Grapefruit Tahini dressing

As I am preparing to launch my new 11 day Spring Clean Eating Program, I have decided to test-drive it for you, so you have an idea how it goes. And also I’ve been eating too much grains lately which affected my belly size My goal is to flatten my stomach The 11 day Spring […]

Lentil and Rice Patties

Lentil and rice pattie

What could you do if you have some leftover rice at home? Thought some patties would be nice. Being a person who tries to simplify whatever I can, I came up with this child proof recipe. My picky daughter liked it too, so it must be good! You can give this to your toddler from […]

Easter Cleanse and Yoga Retreat in Hungary

Easter Cleanse and Yoga Retreat

My lovely yogini friend Zsofia from Ganga Yoga and I are hosting a Cleanse and Yoga Retreat this Easter in our beautiful country, Hungary. You can see a short video of the venue below and find all details by clicking HERE.   Easter Cleanse and Yoga Retreat in Hungary Spaces are limited, contact me for […]

2014 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Dubai by Yogalates Bliss


My super energetic, master organizer friend Noura, the heart and soul behind Yogalates Bliss in Dubai is excited to invite, the fourth year round, international expert yoga guest teachers from Boston, Los Angeles, Thailand, Lake Tahoe, Argentina and the UK to Dubai’s sandy shores offering their highly acclaimed trainings to you, ranging from: 2-day GroovyKids […]

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