Prenatal Yoga

The three main stages of pregnancy

July 19, 2010

8 weeks pregnancy

8 weeks pregnancy

Weeks 1-14 of the pregnancy

In this stage the hormonal balance is fragile, so it is imporant to conserve the energy and responde to the body’s needs. The focus here is on resting the body and mind as much as possible. Plenty of breathing and relaxation will help you to cope with these hormonal changes.

Weeks 15-30 of the pregnancy

By this stage you should enjoy your pregnancy and life living it from moment to moment. We are ocusing on loosening and strengtheing the body, coordinate them with the breathing.

Weeks 31-plus of the pregnancy

24-40 weeks pregnancy

24-40 weeks pregnancy

Here the focus is on preparing for the birth. You can use props for easier execution of the asanas, more breathing and lots of relaxation. It is also good to involve your partner, so that they can understand the process better and also to bring you even closer to each other.

On the pictures you can see how the spine changes shape and the organs get increasingly squashed. Yoga helps to keep the organs working well and strenghtens the all-important, supportive spine.

The pictures are taken from Doriel Hall and Francois Barbira Freedman’s Yoga for Pregnancy: The Safe and Gentle Way to Prepare your Body and Mind for Birth. It is a very useful booklet for those who want to practice at home.

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