Postnatal Yoga

Private Mommy and Me Yoga Classes in Dubai

October 8, 2013

Private Mommy and Me yoga sessions are available with me. Mommies with their babies of minimum 6 weeks old to toddlers can join in.

There are plenty of benefits of yoga with your baby: in the class we are emphasizing developing core strength (abdominal and back muscles), relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and back, and regaining stability and flexibility. Practicing the breathing and relaxation techniques will help you cope with everyday stress outside of the studio as well. Movement for baby increases body awareness, develops motor and coordinational skills, relieves constipation and wind problems.

There are no set rules at class (you can change nappies, feed, etc.), but having fun is a must 😉

Drop me an email to register or Contact me if you need any more info.

Thanks and see you on the mat with the babies! 🙂

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