NLP coaching

“Welcome to investing in yourself.” – as Warren says 🙂

My lovely husband – Warren Conolly – is a qualified Personal Trainer and NLP Professional Coach.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaching, with it’s origins in psychology, enables you to open your mind and see your life from a different perspective. One of the benefits of the process is that You, the client discovers the truth and solutions to whatever challenges You may be facing in life. Wether it be health issues, relationship dilemmas or even personal growth.

The initial consultation would be followed by 45 minutes sessions where through a series of leading questions and mental exercises together you determine the correct path of action.

Warren Conolly

Warren Conolly - The NLP Coach

Warren’s background

Warren’s experiences include leading and training teams of Personal Trainers ensuring success for them, and life changing results for each of his individual clients, both physically and mentally. Where the change he has assisted them in, has aided in adjusting their mental mapping of themselves and the outside world toward greater development and success.

Having gained his knowledge and experience through interacting with people of all walks of life, creeds and cultures, in various parts of the globe, Warren believes he is in a position to clearly understand his client’s individual needs and requirements, making him versatile and more than capable.

Warren is available for coaching sessions online or in person in Dubai to walk through the proverbial fire and meet your challenges head-on. With success!

For your NLP coaching, contact Warren per email at warren.conolly (at) gmail (dot) com or call +971 50 4752172 .

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