Sound Massage with Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times in India and especially in the Himalayas for healing. The sacred scriptures of India state that human beings have been created from vibration/sound.

Not all the singing bowls are good for sound therapy. They may have nice sounds, but not the correct overtones. We use the highest quality sound resonance bowls during the sound massage session. These are Therapy Bowls and made of twelve metals hand-made by traditional singing bowl craftsmen in India or Nepal. The Singing Bowls are of different sizes and we can use them according to the needs.

Seven metals are corresponding to the seven major planets. They are: Gold/Sun, Silver/Moon, Copper/Venus, Mercury/Mercury, Iron/Mars, Tin/Jupiter, and Lead/Saturn

In addition to these seven metals there are five further metals carefully chosen to help with:

  • the release of tensions
  • energy increase and productive potential
  • correct functioning of the digestive system
  • strengthening the lungs
  • combating joint inflammation
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