Spring Cleanse Test – Day 5.

March 31, 2014
Fortnum and Mason Dubai

Oh, that super seeds muesli was so yummy this morning! I took it in a jar with me for the road and only finished it after we completed the session with my morning client.

Superseeds muesli

Superseeds muesli – tastes better than it looks 🙂

The spinach salad with berry vinaigrette was waiting for me in the car for lunch.

The challenge came with a tasting event at Fortnum and Maison, located by the Dubai Mall. We were invited to test the food and service before the grand opening, so we couldn’t say no 🙂 The setting is beautiful and the service and food was great too! Highly recommended if you’d like to experience a ‘high tea’ the English way!

Fortnum and Mason Dubai

Fortnum and Mason Dubai

Our menu was a lovely high quality tea, a warm or cold entrée, and scones and cakes. I had a lovely salad, so here I didn’t break the detox rules, but there came the beautiful, fresh scones and cakes! I only had one scone and three taste bites of cakes, which were very nice, but my stomach started to rumble immediately and I felt stuffed until the eve.

I had a smoothie for dinner and tea before bedtime.



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