Spring Cleanse Test – Day 4.

March 30, 2014
Protein Balls

I slept almost 8 hours,thanks to my daughter! 🙂 Sleep is very important especially when you detox. I did have to visit the toilet again during the night though. Prepared protein balls for snack, our morning smoothie and detox wraps for lunch before I left to see a client. It’s very easy to eat healthy on the go, you just have to be prepared.

Protein Balls

Protein Balls

In the afternoon we were invited to friends for a braai (barbecue the South African way). So our dinner was salad with lean chicken. We didn’t even have to take our own food for the eve!

I sailed through the day without any cravings or feeling hungry. My body is used to the cleanse now.

I prepared the next day’s breakfast and lunch, which took a tough 15 minutes 🙂

I had a cup of dandelion tea before bedtime. The heart chakra was on the focus of meditation today.



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