Spring Cleanse Test – Day 2

March 28, 2014
Chia Pudding

I woke up fresh after a good night’s sleep. I did some dry brushing before my shower to improve circulation and my skin felt much smoother afterwards as well.  And had some time to prepare food for the day. The chia pudding was yum in the morning and kept me quite full. Had a mixed salad for lunch with tahini lime dressing, and snacked on some flax crackers in the afternoon.

Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

I think I didn’t have enough water though or maybe just as an effect of the detoxing, I had a slight headache early evening.

We had miso soup with veggies for dinner which even my 2.5 year old loved. It’s great that I can include her having delicious healthy food! So if you have a family, everyone can eat like this and won’t starve at all 🙂

I prepared guacamole from 1 avocado and had it with flax crackers after the soup.

I finished the day off with a cup of dandelion tea and meditation on my second chakra. I went to bed with the headache though, but wasn’t that bad.

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