November 10, 2011

In this series I will describe you 10 very important foods that have healing properties.

Main Nutrients

  • Fibre
  • Antioxidant
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron


What is in it?
Plenty of antioxidant. There is much more of these useful compounds in the blueberry, that help prevent cancer, heart diseases, sight problems, memory disturbance and other illnesses, than in other fruits and vegetables. Half a cup of blueberry consist 2g of fibre – equal to one slice of wholegrain bread.

Healing properties
The antioxidant plant colorants that give the blueberry’s colour – flavonoids -, protect from heart diseases, cancer, old age blindness and memory loss. Thanks to its high fibre content, this fruit also good for constipation. The juice of the blueberry prevents from urinal infections, as the antioxidant epikatechins hinder the settlement of bacteria on the wall of the bladder.

Useful tip
When preparing cakes with blueberry, try to spread them on the pastry as late as possible, as if blueberry exposed to heat for too long, its Vitamin C content disappeares. According to research there is plenty of antioxidant found in blackcurrant, elderberry as well.

Recommended portion
Half a cup blueberry will cover 1 portion of fruits a day.

The fresh blueberry has a silvery colour. Avoid buying too ripe, or juicy berries.


  • Put few blueberries into the ice cube holder, pour lemonade on them and freeze it. When serving put 3 blueberry cubes into your drinks.


Source: Food Cures – Breakthrough Nutritional Prescriptions for everything from Colds to Cancer

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