Alternative Healthy Pancakes

September 15, 2010

healthy pancake

Healthy Pancake

We got back from our holiday from South Africa a week ago and I was craving for some healthy food, especially raw, after having eaten so much roasted vegetables during our trip. Because I love pancakes – although they are not the best diet food –  I thought I try to make it in a different way.

Instead of white flour I used rice and spelt flour. The recipe goes like this:

Mix rice flour with spelt flour (the amount depends on how many pancakes you would like)

1 egg

a splash of rice milk

pinch of salt

sparkling water


Mix the above ingredients until it’s smooth (add more sparkling water to reach the desired consistency), leave it for a half an hour to rest and fry them.

For the filling I made a nice fresh salad with:



Rocket leaves


Almonds (roasted in a pan)

Dressing: olive oil, agave syrup, pepper

It was very refreshing! Enjoy! 🙂

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