Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yoga with Andrea Balazs

Exercise and especially yoga is very important during pregnancy. Regular yoga practice will make you calmer, stronger and prepared for the delivery of your baby. During our prenatal yoga sessions, we focus on learning different breathing techniques for labour, do asanas (poses) that strenghten and ease any discomfort and close with deep relaxation and affirmations.

I aim to give you as much information as possible on this very important phase of a woman’s life.

In the below video I demonstrate one of my favourite hip opener yoga poses, the fire log pose, which is great to practice from the second trimester onward.

Preparing for a Natural Childbirth and Nutrition for Breastfeeding Workshop @ Zen Yoga Dubai – Friday, February 26th, 2016 – 1:30-4pm

Please contact me for private prenatal yoga sessions at the comfort of your home or see you on the above days at Zen Yoga in Dubai in a group environment.

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