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Home retreat – what is a safe detox protocol

January 9, 2015
Clean Eating made easy

We are in the winter season and being a new year, many of us embark on a healthier lifestyle. Let’s talk about what is a safe way to cleanse and detox our bodies and get rid of unwanted toxins, that might stop you from getting to your ideal body weight.

Detoxification is a process during which you normalize the body’s natural ability to process and excrete toxins that are stored in our fat, while you temporarily reduce the amount of incoming toxins.
There are a lot of detox protocols, facts and myths out there. If you jump into detox without prior experience (meaning that you probably have a high toxic load and will release a high level of toxins) or proper supervisions, it can backfire:

  • Severe detox symptoms including headache, lethargy, and skin issues
  • If the body cannot process the large amount of toxins that are suddenly released into the bloodstream, the toxins will get re-absorb into the fat tissue

Clean Eating made easy

When looking for a safe detox/cleanse protocol and program, you should pay special attention to:

  • A gradual approach that can minimize withdrawal, sudden toxin release, and increase success rate
  • Enough calorie intake to support the body’s detoxification and elimination process
  • Addressing issues of addiction prior to start of the program

Also, if you are looking to start a weight loss program, it’s best to go through a supervised detox program first so fewer problems will arise when toxins are released as fat cells are burned off. Support will help you to stay on track as well.
You can see why detoxing first is advisable – for example cellulite is toxins stored in FAT. As we cleanse out the junk before we want to lose WEIGHT, the process will be much easier, having already created healthy habits.

If you’d like to give a go to an online, DIY (do it yourself), but supported detox/cleanse program check out my New Year Reboot – Winter Clean Eating Program.

New Year Reboot - Clean Eating Program



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